Graduate Programs: Professional Masters Degrees

Civil Engineering

Urban and Environmental Engineering

The aim of this Profession Master’s Program is to develop a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective for a sustainable development model. The basic theme of the course corresponds to infra-structure and planning, considering the environmental, technical and socio-economic demands of Brazilian metropoles.

The course is targeted to engineers, architects and other professionals in the fields of environmental and urban planning who have an interest in the analysis of the problems of large cities (environmental management, urban planning, residue management, analysis of the infra-structure life cycle, sustainable industrial development, transportation, logistics, energy, management, sociology, sanitation, natural resources in an urban environment), with special emphasis to the aspects of sustainability in our cities.

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Production Engineering


The main aim of this program is not to train teachers or researchers per se (as these will most probably head to a PhD degree), but rather to train professionals with the skills and competencies needed to perform effectively in the productive market.

The distinctive feature of the Professional Master’s degree is its focus on enabling students to acquire theoretical and methodological tools that will prepare them to implement complex studies and analyses to solve problems using scientific methods and advanced production engineering techniques.

It is, nevertheless, worth pointing out that the program is considered a full Master’s program and will prepare candidates who wish to pursue further studies at the PhD level.

The target public for the course consists of engineers, economists, managers and other graduated professionals involved in (or interested in) logistics systems in manufacturing companies or in service firms.

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