Message from the Dean


As science is as dynamic as life, the Science and Technology Center (CTC) could not behave any differently. In a constant pursuit of knowledge and innovation and with the awareness of the global impact of technological advances, the CTC values creativity and entrepreneurship in all its activities.

The CTC combines Science and Engineering in an interdisciplinary environment that is home to a faculty of about 200 full time professors, with PhDs from top-ranked institutions in Brazil and abroad. Our professors teach at both graduate and undergraduate levels and head relevant research projects. They are acknowledged for their expertise and excellence – both by the Brazilian and the international scientific communities. The productive sector also recognizes our competencies as they approach us to sign cooperation agreements or establish collaboration in projects.

We have constant interaction with the market by means of consulting projects, highly-specialized services that are contracted, on-demand development of products and/or processes, as well as human resource training-and-development projects. Such partnerships not only offer us an opportunity of students’ participation but also an attunement with the demands of different market segments, indicating the potential niches for applied research.

Students in the undergraduate courses, and especially those in the graduate programs, are encouraged to join the research projects. This opportunity will enrich their experience and give them a feel for the demands of the industry and prepare them to start up their own businesses.

Transferring the innovative results produced in the Center, our faculty get involved in supporting the emergent technology-based firms which are part of the incubating companies project at PUC-Rio headed by the Genesis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Instituto Gênesis, of PUC-Rio.

Dean of the Science and Technology Center of PUC-Rio