Science, Technology and Innovation

The Centre of Science and Technology of PUC-Rio combines around five thousand students, a hundred and twenty state-of-the-art laboratories and three hundred and ten faculty, being a hundred and nine full-time, of which 40% graduated from top international universities. There are ten undergraduate courses in Engineering, two in Computer Sciences and Bachelor degrees in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Alongside the traditional academic Master and Doctorate degrees, the Centre offers M. Sc. in Metrology and Professional Master degrees in Logistics and in Urban and Environmental Engineering. On the official ranking system of the Brazilian Government, out of the twelve academic Graduate Programs, two were awarded the maximum points and four are only one point below, confirming the University as a reference of quality education in Brazil and abroad.

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Guide for International Students

Click here to access information on how to proceed when you first arrive in Brazil.

Opportunities for International Students

There are number of opportunities for international students to study at PUC-Rio; as a regular undergraduate student, by taking the local entrance exam (Vestibular) or via transfer, as an exchange student, If enrolled in one of the partner universities or as a regular graduate student, via the selection processes specific for each program.

Additional information on the exchange programs can be found at: International Programs Central Coordination Office of PUC-Rio.

Additional information on the Graduate Programs, please go to the link for each program on this site.